Wurth Rost Off Ice Rust Loosener


High-grade rust loosener with cracking effect created by extreme cooling, and excellent creeping properties.

Cracking effect.
Your Advantage:
When the surface of the material, e.g. that of a threaded bolt, is cooled down to -40oC, microscopic cracks appear in the layer of corrosion of the joints, and these cracks break up the rust and therefore ensure better penetration by the active substance.

Phenomenal capillary action.
Your Advantage:
Superior creeping properties combined with the cracking effect ensure excellent penetration of rust.

Ideal rust removing capability.
Your Advantage:
Penetrates rapidly underneath rust and loosens bolts that have seized up.
Badly rusted-up screw connections can be easily loosened without damaging the bolts.

Corrosion protection additives.
Your Advantage:
Long-term protection against subsequent corrosion.

Free from resins and acids.


No damage to rubber and seals