Wurth Interior Cleaner Detail - For All Vehicle Models


Special cleaning foam with anti-static additive for the entire vehicle interior

Cleans nicotine, dirt and dust from all painted and plastic parts, glass surfaces and upholstery

Interior cleaning in one action

Anti-static additive offers temporary dust protection on the surface

Lasting cleanliness of the vehicle interior.

Does not run off vertical surfaces, i.e. the agent stays where it needs to act

Economical use due to minimised run-off

Intensive action reliably loosens dirt

Saves time, as repeated wiping is not required

Visible white foam

Saves time and materials as each spot is sprayed only once

Pleasant, fresh aroma in the interior at all times

No more unpleasant nicotine odour in the cockpit

Silicone free


Do not spray directly on sensitive surfaces. Spray the interior cleaner onto a clean cloth and wipe the surfaces to be cleaned. Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.

For optimum foaming, shake the can well before use