LIQUI MOLY Diesel Engine Intake Decarb For All Diesel 4WD 4X4 Vehciles


The Liqui-Moly Diesel Engine Intake Decarb is a high-tech solvent and additive formulation for rapid removal of typical contamination and deposits which can be found in the diesel intake and throttle valve areas. The decarb is designed to dissolve and remove all deposits and contaminants including; oil, resin, adhesive residue, etc. It guarantees operability of all moving parts and helps to reduce fuel consumption. Liqui-Moly Diesel Intake Decarb increases the reliability of diesel-powered engines and is suitable for vehicles fitted with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve and DPF (diesel particulate filter).


  • Safely cleans all diesel intake systems incl. composite manifolds
  • Removes contamination and deposits
  • Extends life of moving parts
  • Improves performance
  • Egr and DPF safe
  • Specialised nozzle and hose to access intake and manifold
  • Improved professional formula