JL Audio 6x9" Car Speakers 3 Way C2690TX Series


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Item Details
Item  : JL Audio 6 X9" 3 WAY Speakers
Part No  : C2690TX
Price  : $269.00
Description  :

JL Audio C2690tx 6x9" 3-Way Speakers

Please note that installation is also available

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  • 4 Ohm
  • 3-Way Speakers Grilles Included
  • C2 Series 6x9" Car Speakers
  • 125 Watts Peak Power
  • 75 Watts RMS Power
  • Polypropylene cone
  • Butyl rubber surround

This powerful speaker system will impress you with its output and clarity at all volume levels.

For a car speaker to excel it must be thoroughly engineered in all areas. The woofer design must deliver sufficient efficiency, smooth mid-range response and good low-frequency extension. The tweeter must be smooth off-axis, exhibit good extension and be non-fatiguing, while the crossover design must seamlessly blend the sound of the drivers so that the end result is clean, realistic audio performance.

In designing the new C2 Coaxial and Component Systems, we have drawn from our vast experience in woofer design as well as the tweeter technologies employed in our world-class C5 component systems. The resulting products deliver a compelling performance solution at a price within reach of any enthusiast seeking a great listening experience.

Killer Bass
How do we get great bass from our component speakers? The same way we get it from our legendary subwoofers.

It starts with ample mechanical clearance, optimized suspensions and balanced motor designs. This allows us to use longer voice coils that let our speakers move further for enhanced output and lower frequency extension, something that weaker designs can’t do without exposing their inadequacies. We also avoid certain “pitfalls of convenience”. For example, we make a separate 6-inch and 6.5-inch model… because designs that attempt to cover both sizes compromise suspension travel and linearity.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it… fire up a pair of C2's with some good clean power at your local dealer and listen to music with solid, intricate bass content. Then switch to any other speaker in the same price class. It's not going to be a subtle difference.

Loud and Clear
It's not terribly difficult to make a speaker that sounds pretty loud in the midrange. This common approach leads to speakers that grab your attention at first (loud tends to do that), but ultimately sound harsh and fatiguing during extended listening sessions (because the loudness is not evenly distributed).

Smoothness of response and freedom from excessive distortion are the factors that truly matter in creating a speaker design that reveals the inner detail of your music, making them enjoyable for years to come.

Making a speaker that can play loud without sounding harsh is what separates the men from the boys. So, we focus on creating low-distortion motor and suspension systems, as well as carefully engineered cones that deliver the right combination of stiffness, damping and off-axis response. If you didn’t understand a word of that, don’t worry… you will hear it, loud AND clear when you audition a C2 speaker system.

Silky Smooth Tweeter
Ahh, the tweeter… everybody has a story about their tweeter. You hear crazy things like “unobtainium dioxide, vapor deposited by elves onto a specialized polymer”. Then you listen to it and it sounds like needles piercing your eardrums. So much for painted plastic tweeters, then.

In fine home speakers and studio monitors, one tweeter material and basic architecture is used above all others, and for very good reasons. A well-designed, edge-driven silk dome is smooth, detailed (on or off axis), and very hard to beat in terms of overall performance. Silk is about as lightweight as it gets (good for high frequency extension and efficiency), is very well-damped (doesn’t ring like a bell) and thanks to nature's magic is also extremely durable in the automotive environment.

That's why we chose it for the C2 (and C5) systems.

C2 Component Systems.
These systems include flush and surface mount tweeter mounting fixtures and true 2-way outboard crossovers, each with three user-selectable tweeter attenuation levels.

Stylish Grille Design
All models, except the C2-350x and C2-570x, include front-loading protective grilles with a striking new design that combines black steel mesh with satin silver accents. Electroformed logo nameplates can be positioned on the grilles or elsewhere in the vehicle, according to the needs of the installation.

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