ABRO AC-050-BG A/C Deodorizer, Bubble Gum Scent 142g


ABRO A/C Deodorizer efficiently removes interior and a/c odors easily cleans a/c units and leaves a long lasting, bubble gum scent.

AC-050-BG Uses: Automotive Air conditioners.

AC-050-BG Features:

Removes odours

Long lasting scent

Easy to use

AC-050-BG Directions:

  1. Start engine.
  2. Turn A/C on.
  3. Set to cold.
  4. Set fan to max.
  5. Set to recirculate or Max A/C.
  6. Shake well and activate can.
  7. Leave engine running and close doors.
  8. Do not remain in car.
  9. Leave car for 10 minutes.
  10. Open window/doors and ventilate for 10 minutes prior to vehicle entry.